business plan

Business Plan

A business plan outlines your company's aims and objectives. It details the steps and resources required to make your vision a reality.

There are various reasons why people write a business plan including for a bank for some form of finance, applying for a government grant or if you are seeking investment from a business angel. However research has proven that companies with a strategic plan actually perform far better than those without.

First B2B Solutions offers three different business plan packages, allowing you to choose the one you feel is best for your company.

Package 1 - Business Plan template
Outlining the headings and structure required to construct a successful business plan, whatever your audience.
Package 2 - Example Business Plans
We supply you with three fully completed business plans, showing the structure, example narrative and styles. All of our plans have been produced by qualified accountants or business managers with over ten years' experience. We believe these plans are the most detailed plans on the internet currently.
Package 3 - Bespoke plans
If you are not confident about producing your business plan yourself, simply do not have the time or want to draw on our many years of experience this service is for you. Our experts will construct a plan for you from scratch which will be tailored to your company's individual needs.
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